Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can you really lose weight with Rob Nevins' Skinny Switch Secret Diet?

Some users of the calorie shifting diet have experienced weight loss using the diet and have said so in various forums online.

I did some research on the diet and found that the Skinny Switch Secret was indeed a good diet that can help people to lose weight effectively.

The diet, based on a method called calorie shifting works by tricking the body into metabolizing the stored fat to reach a preset calorie intake level. For example, if you condition your body to expect 1800 calories a day and you only give it 1400, the body burns the other 400 calories from stored fat causing weight loss.

To prevent the plateau phase which is responsible for many dieters giving up on their diets because they stop seeing results, the body is again tricked into "wondering" what the expected calorie level is by going over the base calorie intake level, for instance eating 2000 calories instead of the base 1800.

With this 3 day cycle of consuming different amounts of calories you lose weight regardless of what you eat making the Skinny Switch or rather the calorie shifting method one of the most appealing diets in recent times. You've probably seen the ads where they tell you that you can eat icecream and pizza. Well, I'm pretty sure calorie shifting is involved somehow.

The problem with the Skinny Switch though (no diet is perfect) is that some may find it a little on the expensive side for a weight loss diet. There are other calorie shifting diets available and one of the most popular ones is Fat Loss 4 Idiots which is also another good diet. Instead of counting calories and fighting to prepare meals that will meet the requirements for each day, you pay for the convenience of meal plans and recipes along with other stuff.

Here's an overview of the Skinny Switch Secret Diet where you will find user reviews and other information about the diet.


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