Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nokia's XpressMusic Series - 5800

I recently bought a new smartphone - the Nokia XpressMusic 5800. I must say its a really sweet phone where you can download apps from the Nokia Ovi Store, sync your contacts, music and other media and a lot of other stuff. 

Today's guest article is a review of the Nokia XpressMusic 5800.

Nokia had previously released the 7710 which is technically it's first touch phone but due to certain unfavorable features and other reasons unknown, the 7710 was a total failure. The 5800 ExpressMusic is a winner from every angle and for once,Nokia fans can rejoice at the 5800 ExpressMusic's brilliance. A hybrid between touch phones and music phones, the 5800 ExpressMusic is doing extremely well in the market and rightly so.

Living up to its music phone tag, the 5800 ExpressMusic has volume keys at its side apart from 3 other keys on the front panel. The screen is a brilliant 3'2 inches which is in fact what most true touch phones are equipped with. The 3'2 inch screen offers a stunning 640x360 display resolution and it's quite unbelievable that a music phone can offer you so much for such little. The 5800 ExpressMusic is also fitted with a stylus which snugly fits in the back and can be used for precision.

Using the latest S60 platform that Nokia has released till date, and with the trademark Nokia Symbian OS version 5, operating system wise the Nokia 5800 is comparable to the larger N97.

An essential of a music phone is a large storage space and the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic does not disappoint you as it comes with a whopping 8 GB internal memory expandable to 16 GB with the microSD slot that is provided. The camera is the 3.12 usual Nokia affair with the Carl Zeiss lenses, LED flash and autofocus. The inbuilt picture editor comes as a fun bonus and it's a surprise as even many of the so called camera phones don't afford this feature.

You can't expect more from a music phone but the 5800 is further armed to the teeth to take on any phone from the whole range of segments. JAVA and Flash enablement for browsing, and of course Wifi 802.11 and Bluetooth V.2 are also included for easy connectivity and data transfer. Calling the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic a music phone is actually not justified as it can just as well do everything that a mobile computer can. PDF viewer, Excel and word sheets and TV output complete the 5800 ExpressMusic's awesome arsenal.

The only feature missing in this music phone and yes the only one at all is the Nokia OVI features which allows for GPS navigation but this can be overlooked as voice command navigation and self location is made available with additional software upgrades.

The Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic is arguably the best value for it's money. Weighing a mere 109 grams and providing 35 hours of non stop music playback, I'd go for the 5800 Expressmusic with my eyes closed. Price? $350!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rihanna Rude Boy Official Video

Rihanna just dropped the official video for Rude Boy off her latest album Rated R.

I haven't bought or listened to the album because Rihanna right now is nowhere in my priorities in terms of music. I used to like her but lately I think she's trying to hard for attention or something. I still bump Hard though. That song is fire.

My expectations for Rude Boy was that it would bring out some of that dancehall flavor that we want to hear from the Caribbean native. However, its still pretty much R&B but the video does bring that dancehall vibe.

After listening to it, I would have to say that the song would have to grow on me and the video despite at times having up to 5 Rihannas and some stuff that 13 year old boys would get wet dreams off of, doesn't really evoke much emotion from me.

Check out Rihanna's new video below - The official Rude Boy video.

Monday, February 1, 2010

#1 Song on My Birthday - December 14th, 1981.

This is an interesting tidbit about myself that I decided to look up today. Its the #1 song on the Billboard charts when I was born on December 14th, 1981.

That would be Olivia Newton-John's Physical.

Let's get physical, physical....

Alright, that doesn't in anyway have much to do with who I am, except that if ONJ was talking to me, I'd be like "hell yeah!"

It's interesting though. You can look up the #1 song on your birthday like I did by doing a Google search for "Billboard #1 song on [insert date here]". There's a Wikipedia page that lists the songs.

Or try this nifty site where you can find the #1 song on your birthday.

Then just share it with me in the comments below.