Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rihanna Rude Boy Official Video

Rihanna just dropped the official video for Rude Boy off her latest album Rated R.

I haven't bought or listened to the album because Rihanna right now is nowhere in my priorities in terms of music. I used to like her but lately I think she's trying to hard for attention or something. I still bump Hard though. That song is fire.

My expectations for Rude Boy was that it would bring out some of that dancehall flavor that we want to hear from the Caribbean native. However, its still pretty much R&B but the video does bring that dancehall vibe.

After listening to it, I would have to say that the song would have to grow on me and the video despite at times having up to 5 Rihannas and some stuff that 13 year old boys would get wet dreams off of, doesn't really evoke much emotion from me.

Check out Rihanna's new video below - The official Rude Boy video.


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