Monday, December 14, 2009

Facebook Will Automatically Index All Your Information on Google?

Actually, Google will automatically index your Facebook profile so that people who search Google can find your Facebook.

All your information isn't indexed however because you would have decided what you want your people who aren't your friends to see. The same info that non-friends see is what Google indexes. Google would not index your phone number or email address if you've managed your settings correctly.

Of course if you don't want Google to index your profile,  the option to do something about this is in your hands.

All you need to do is adjust your privacy settings.

If you don't want Google to automatically index all your Facebook info, just log into your account and:

  1. Go to Settings. 
  2. Click on Privacy Settings or Manage Privacy
  3. Click on Search
  4. Uncheck "Allow indexing"
Furthermore Facebook has this to say:
Worried about privacy? Your information is safe.
There have been misleading rumors recently about Facebook indexing all your information on Google. This is not true. Facebook created public search listings in 2007 to enable people to search for your name and see a link to your Facebook profile.


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