Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Hip Hop Beat Creator Should Have These 3 Things.

Trying to make some beats for that new demo? Todays article points out 3 important must haves for choosing a beat creator. You could be the next respected hip hop producer like Dr. Dre or DJ Premier.

The production of hip hop beats has advanced tremendously since the old days. Especially with the quality hip hop beat creators out there. Today, it has never been easier to create quality hip hop beats. When your looking for a hip hop beat creator you must make sure it has certain characteristics.

First of all it should have quality midi drum patterns. Good rap beats have different drum patterns playing at the same time that compliment each other. Your beat creator should allow you to do the same. This feature will allow you to separate your beats from the other average ones.

Secondly, your beat creator has got to give you the ability to implement quality basslines into your beat. A rap beat without a strong bassline sounds dead. You have to put some life into your beats and using a basssline is the right way to do so.

Your beat creator should allow you to adjust and tweak your bassline because you want your bassline to sound just right. You don't want your bassline too strong or it will over power your song and you don't want it too weak or you won't even hear it.

Finally, your beat creating software should allow you to use many samples as your heart desires. Your beat maker should also allow you to use a remote storage bank to store as many samples as you need so your limit is endless.

So if you want to produce your next classic rap beat you have to make sure you have a good hip hop beat creator. Your beat maker should also have a few other features as well, but if it has these 3 things then you should have no problems making the best beats possible.

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